Practicing Gratitude

jump for joy-freedigitalphotosnetDid you know that people who live in a state of gratitude are actually more successful in life and business than those who do not?  I want to challenge you today.  Take a few minutes to sit in a quiet spot with pen and paper.  Think of the person who has influenced you the most, someone who has challenged you to be your best.  Write down how this person inspires and helps you.  Go ahead … do this now and then come back to this post.

THEN, when you are done writing, pick up the phone and call them.  Tell them you are taking part in this experiment in happiness and then read what you wrote to them.  I promise you, it’s not painful and you will LOVE the results!

If you are still not sure about this, watch the video below.  But it comes with a warning, it just may make you smile and could change you forever!

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