Welcome to the best cancer registry resource where you get insider-secrets about cancer registry careers,  certification and professional development.

Cancer Registrars have been around for hundreds of years but but up until now there has been very limited information about this niche group of allied health professionals available on the Internet or in other media.   CancerRegistrar.com contains straight-forward, accurate and complete information straight from an experienced certified cancer registrar (or CTR) with over 25 years experience.    

Whether you are a student or someone looking for a career change, a cancer registrar preparing for the certification (CTR) exam, or are already certified and need continuing education credits to maintain your credential, CancerRegistrar.com has what you need.  We guarantee you will not find another resource center like this packed full of practical and verifiable information to meet your needs!

Cancer Registry needs people just like YOU!  People who are passionate about their work, motivated, persevering, and dedicated to being part of eradicating cancer in this world.  We are a unique and small niche market in healthcare that serves a very noble cause.  


“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his/her vision comes from passion, not position.”

John Maxwell


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