Continuing Education

The purpose of continuing education (CE) is to ensure that the certified Cancer Registrar maintains the highest levels of performance in the practice of their profession.  Each Certified Tumor Registrar (or CTR) is responsible for conducting a self-assessment of their personal knowledge and understanding of the registry field and to maintain and excel in those abilities through participation in appropriate educational activites.   With the rapid changes in medicine and science today, this has become increasingly important. 

Credential Requirements

All CTRs, whether they are members of the National Cancer Registrar’s Association (NCRA) or not, are required to complete twenty (20) CE clock hours every two calendar years.  Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of all activities that they can and to exceed the clock hours in order to ensure that they achieve their very best in skill and knowledge levels. 

Eligible Activities

To be eligible for CE clock hours the educational activity must exceed the materials, skills or knowledge that is required for Cancer Registrar certification.  In other words, the activity must improve or expand the existing base of knowledge or skills that the Cancer Registrar has achieved at the time they earn their CTR credential. 

According to NCRA, eligible activities include, but are not be limited to:

  • Cancer conferences, tumor boards or oncology seminars.
  • Participation, or volunteering, in cancer registry professional organizations.
  • Speaking or presenting original topics to live audiences.
  • Audio/video teleconferences, webinars, online or CD courses, etc.
  • College, correspondence or independent study programs relevant to cancer registry.
  • NCRA Journal CE quizzes in the Journal of Registry Management.
  • Publication of articles or textbooks related to the cancer registry profession, and
  • Cancer Registry or oncology-related workshops, programs, seminars, conferences, audio-video teleconferences, group webinars, or other similar activities contributing to CTR continuing education.




The Key to CTR Success

One hidden “gem” on the Internet is a service called Registry Mindset which provides intermediate to advanced cancer registry continuing education courses in an online format.  The best feature of this program is that it is designed by an experienced CTR who understands the educational needs of cancer registrars!  The investment by the Cancer Registrar in these courses is outweighed by the incredible benefit and enhancement to their skills and knowledge sets.  The courses are cancer registry specific and simply require the Cancer Registrar to log in from their computer at home or work.  Each course takes approximately one hour to complete (per the NCRA requirements for a clock hour credit) and a certificate of completion, course syllabus and learning objectives can be downloaded for the Registrar’s records.  This is an exciting program that is not available anywhere else!  Cancer Registrars are encouraged to look at this program and to register to begin their sessions right away!