Keeping Up with Seismic Growth in Genetic Testing

seismic explosion of genetic testing

There has been a seismic increase in the number of laboratories and genetic tests and studies since 2013, due in part to the Supreme Court ruling that human genes are not patentable.  More and more labs are offering testing and multigene panels, new genes and gene mutations are being identified each and every day.  While these scientific and clinical developments are leading to increased genetic testing in at risk populations, better risk assessments being performed by providers and widespread population screening, it is a challenge for providers, and cancer registrars, to keep up with the fast paced flood of information.  It is evident that the information coming out of genetic testing will require significant upgrades in computerized decision support tools, enhanced data management and collection tools and resources (enter the cancer registrar!) and appropriate linkage and application to personalized and evidence-based medicine.

For Cancer Registrars the challenges also include finding informative and educational materials that are written in a language that lends to understanding and applicability to cancer surveillance.  Recently an article was published in the Oncology journal that brings the message home.  Click here to access the full article (free).

From this article we have created a free reference tool for you with the tables showing which genes have cancer susceptibility.  Invite your friends to visit this page and get their own copy of the tool too!  To download your free PDF CLICK HERE.  You will be taken to a new window where you can click on the file name and save it to your desktop or file location.

In the comments section below tell us how you plan on using this reference tool or how you keep up with the ever-changing world of genomics.


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