Create Dream Job Secrets Finally Exposed

Lots of people look for their dream job in Cancer Registry, but few ever define what that dream job really is.  Often a person’s idea of a dream job is based on their desires, or even fantasies, instead of what is realistic.

So, first, let’s look at what a dream job is not a job that:

  • will pay you big bucks for doing little or no work
  • requires little or no special skills or knowledge, or perhaps even certification such as the CTR
  • involves only working with people you like
  • you take just to please other people
  • stresses you out
  • makes your local community or the world worse off than it is before you took the job
  • allows you to come and go as you please or to do what you want, when you want to do it.

So, now that we have established what your dream job does not look like, let’s take it a step further.  Your dream job is work that you do because you like it.  You can tell if you have a dream job when it is a job that:

  • rewards you well (personally and professionally) for your special skills, knowledge and passion, with or without your CTR certification
  • puts you on a desired career path
  • inspires your soul and spirit
  • makes you feel like you are doing the work you are supposed to do in life
  • does not you settle for doing less than your best work
  • provides you with (most) of the perks and benefits that are meaningful to you
  • challenges you to grow, evolve and succeed
  • makes you respect yourself even more.

There are some essential components to a dream job that will help you fill your life with meaning and purpose, such as:

  • Using your gifts and talents
  • Working with people you like or admire
  • Doing what you love to do or were “born to do”
  • Working on problems, tasks or projects you are passionate about
  • Fulfilling your life’s purpose
  • Being inspired by your work to live the life you dreamed of.

So, how do you create this dream job?  No doubt it is going to require some hard work and persistence.  While it seems like a simple enough task, most of us can’t do it.  But, don’t be discouraged by this.  For the most part none of us were taught in school how to create the life of your dreams.  Few individuals have had a mentor that helps them discover who they are, what their potential is, or what their dream job is.

If you are looking to the cancer registry profession for your dream job you will need to create the environment you need to step into a position and assume the role of a cancer registrar.

Almost every week I am asked the question by a cancer registry student or potential new hire on how they can get their “foot in the door” of cancer registry.  For the past 10 years I have responded the same way to each of these inquiries.  And, yet, I am always baffled as to why that individual did not take the advice seriously or determine to create the environment in which they could have landed their dream job.  I sincerely hope that as you read this post you will take consider what I am going to offer you today.

Now, for cancer registrars already in a position – perhaps you are discouraged or looking for ways in which to boost or enhance your career.  The steps to grow are pretty much the same steps one would take to land the dream job.  You, too, must create the environment that will help you grow and to challenge you to expand your knowledge and skill sets.

Recently I came across the work of James Altucher, thought leader and entrepreneur, who has published a considerable amount of work in this area.  James has created a graphic entitled “How to Create Your Scene” that is appropriate for use as you seek your dream job or desire to enhance your career.

To download a PDF of James’ infographic, right click on the title here to save to your desktop, Create Your Scene-James Altucher.

I wish you well as you seek to expand your career.  Post your comments, successes and your challenges below so that we can dialogue with you and offer you suggestions and words of encouragement.


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