Breast Cancer Awareness Poster – CoC

pink-ribbonIf you are a CoC-accredited facility a free Breast Cancer Awareness Poster is available to your organization for the month of October.  This year’s poster was announced in the CoC newsletter is stunningly simple and beautiful and available for immediate download.  There are any number of ways you can use the poster, consider:

  • Hospital Employees and Staff – use as an 8.5×11″ flyer encouraging staff and physicians to get their annual mammograms
  • Bulletin Boards – use a central advertising piece in a bulletin board prominently placed in your hospital, cafeteria, coffee carts, Cancer Center, infusion center suites, physician lounges or libraries, community centers, and more
  • Regional advertising or marketing – wherever your hospital advertises or markets their services either locally or regionally
  • Direct Mail Advertising – are you running a special breast screening program in October?  Brand the poster and use it as a direct mail advertising piece
  • Annual Reports – if you are a facility that still produces an annual report each year, consider using it in a sidebar to describe your facilities commitment to breast cancer screening and prevention
  • Community events – some hospitals offer community events or health fairs on breast and other cancers.  The poster can easily be used as a decorate item, table decorations or other marketing piece at these events.  Perhaps even a postcard mailer inviting people to the event.

We could go on, but be creative!  Log in to the CoC Datalinks page to download your copy today!


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