Are You Convinced?

Are you convinced of the value of the service your cancer registry provides?  How do you relay your conviction or passion for the registry so that others are inspired to agree with you and act on that by utilizing and supporting the cancer registry?  And, finally, how do you get others to share their enthusiasm and support of the cancer registry with their colleagues? 

Great questions for every cancer registrar to think about!  In his recent book, The Thank You Economy, Gary Vaynerchuk said, “People don’t talk about things they don’t care about.  So, it’s up to you to make them care, which means you have to care first.” 

The Cancer Registrar’s work can be challenging and requires a lot of patience, innovation and creativity.  The demands for producing more with less are always influencing the priority and decisions made each day.  If the Registrar does not have conviction, passion or truly care about the work they do and the global impact of cancer registration, physicans and staff will feed off these negative thoughts.  It truly is by what and how the cancer registrar uses their words and actions that convey the value and purpose of the cancer registry. 

TELL US:  What are you talking about today?  Are you convinced of the cancer registry’s value and purpose?  How do you blend your passion into your daily life and work?  What do you do with negative thoughts and pressures each day?  Leave us a short comment below about how you channel your passion and conviction as a cancer registrar.

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